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Bandar Botanic Akasia Double Storey 20x 70 June 2010
Wow! price shot up RM57K since Nov 2009. Gamuda is really making good $ out of these Akasia houses. The 1st phase launch, I heard they sold after discount at around RM270K...dats abt RM90K price jump in 1 year period. Pretty impressive for Klang standards. No doubt the Akasia 2 houses have a bigger build-up, but the price increase in way too steep. Gamuda is just joining the "price hike" game just like the "other big boys".

Anyway congrats on ur wise decision. It's now or never coz if developers keep on pushing property prices like now, u'll need 1/2 Mil juz 2 buy a DSL in Klang in a few years time. Normal "makan gaji" people will find it too tough 2 own a decent home if dat day really comes.

Can I know which row you have bought counting from the Lake? Mine is Akasia "1" and it's 3rd row from the lake, so welcome to the neighborhood. I have asked the Developer before and he said for Akasia 2 units, the last row of houses facing lake is reserved for Super Link House (not launched yet, I guess).

Not to worry if Akasia 2 is last phase launch coz developer told me next year they will launch Penaga which is located just beside Akasia. U go there see 4 urself n u'll notice that they have cleared the land and put up some concrete markers there.

I guess we don have 2 wait very long for the Penaga launch. Oh! Pliz be prepared to pay nothing less than RM400K coz the fella already gave me a tip wat kind of houses they plan 2 launch 4 this piece of land.

Sway topic a bit :130: hah. If u happen to pass by BBT3 (Parklands) towards Banting, juz a couple of hundred metres more on right side, u'll see a huge piece of land currently being developed by Johor based KSL Properties. Business Times already mentioned a few months back dat they will launch DSL at minimum price of RM400K each, setting a new price standard for properties around this area. I went n view the place last week but it's still "earthworks" stage now.

I juz hope BNM does not "buat kacau", if not developers n investors will suffer in the short term. Anyway, long term investors & genuine home buyers will not be much affected if govt does implement any tough measures to curb excessive speculation.
The prices of the houses in Klang really mad !!!
I don think in few years time u can find any houses range below 300K
If u wanna but & invest or stay,this is a rite time now. :g-shout-01:
(10-02-2010, 03:20 AM)Pooh88 Wrote:  The prices of the houses in Klang really mad !!!
I don think in few years time u can find any houses range below 300K
If u wanna but & invest or stay,this is a rite time now. :g-shout-01:

Agreed! housing price at Klang increase dramatically~ don't know whether it's fake / illusion or real situation

How can young peoples like me to own a house if the price keep increasing~]

Developers are hiking up the prices of new property launchings coz they are juz following the trend.

they wont care about affordable housing for 'rakyat'. their aim is 2 make d most profit while property market is still hot.

Not only Klang new properties are overpriced but everywhere in Klang Valley.

But very lucky for Klang people is 2nd hand properties are still very cheap. There are many good deals around if you are patient and observant enough. It is not the same situation for other parts of KV whereby sub-sale units have risen in tandem with the prices of new house launchings.
(10-02-2010, 03:20 AM)Pooh88 Wrote:  The prices of the houses in Klang really mad !!!
I don think in few years time u can find any houses range below 300K
If u wanna but & invest or stay,this is a rite time now. :g-shout-01:

Many young families from KL & PJ are willing to pay for a 22' x 75' terrace house in Klang for price of RM350k to RM400K. That's why those residential areas around KESAS and LKSA highways are always in good demand. Can anyone get a landed property (eg. 22' x 75') in PJ below RM700k ?

I met a family from PJ recently, they just bought a house in Bandar Puteri Klang which is just half of the price that of in PJ. They are willing to travel to KL to work using KESAS, because traffic in PJ is congested too.

Oh, the price increased also due to the cost of building materials are going up.
price of steel gonna increase. reliable info Big Grin
I when to Bukit Raja showroom yest.
I was told the 1st phase Paloma hse worth 488 K sold out within a day!!:194:
let's c if Sime Property can repeat this feat after BNM's new ruling of 70% LTV for 3rd property financing.
My colleague yesterday booking a double storey house from Bandar Parklands, 22' x 75' at RM383k.

She also told me Bandar Puteri going to launch a new phase double storey house, 20' x 75' which price around M350k.
It's high time that Bandar Puteri Klang, Bandar Botanic & BBT3 launch Super Links size 24 X 80 or above. Their landbank is getting scarce here and it seems every1 is talking abt Super Link Homes nowadays. I can never b able 2 afford 1 in Puchong / USJ / Kota Kemuning as the price tag is RM700K - RM900K in these locations depending whether 2S or 2.5S. At least in Klang I still can afford 2 buy 1 :133:

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